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Artist Profile

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The work begins in my mind and continues in my hands, with passion. I love the individualism of handmade work, and the personalizing aspect of it. Personalization in bringing the originator/artist together with the customer/buyer, creating a trusting relationship with them and over your craft is benefiting, rewarding and so meaningful.

That category I fall into of artist, artisan, designer, illustrator, creator and entrepreneur is what I am passionate about. It's for the people and by the people (custom made to order clients), and pursuant to that, brings what I call my "business salvation."

A Jill of various trades

I have worked on various platforms for years marketing and showcasing a variety of work which this site highlights. The menu clearly will define all the work involved. As an artist, this site encapsulates the areas, types and genres of my portfolio.

This is my work of purpose, of practical meaningful thematic products with and at your service. The work is mind made. We (artist and entity) "mind our own business".